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Keys to Finding the Right Investment Firm

Searching for the right investment firm, or an experienced recruiter to assist you with that challenge, can be time-consuming and exhausting work. No matter the circumstance; your search for a firm or a financial advisor recruiter, stock broker recruiter or wealth advisor recruiter, there are many firms to choose from ...

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When Should You Start Talking to a Headhunting Firm?

Bringing in a stock broker headhunter to help you land a more successful job placement or to find quality candidates for your company has benefited hundreds of thousands of professionals. However, even though there are stock broker jobs available, that doesn’t mean that you’re finding them or that the companies ...

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How the DOL Rule Affects You as an Advisor

If you truly want to act in the best interest of your clients, then it’s important that you know how the DOL fiduciary rule will affect you as an advisor. The fiduciary standard provides the highest level of ethical guidelines for financial professionals to follow. The new fiduciary rule, implemented ...

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How will the presidential election affect the stock market?

Now that all political party conventions have passed, it’s that time where Americans start questioning volatility of the stock market; every four years, politics and finance converge as Americans elect a new president, looking to investors and financial advisors to figure out what each possible outcome means for their own ...

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Meet the new FINRA CEO

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) announced on June 13th of this year that its Board of Governors has appointed Robert W. Cook as their new President and Chief Executive Officer, effective the second half of 2016. Mr. Cook will succeed Richard G. Ketchum, who has served as Chairman and ...

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The Fiduciary Rule: The Effect on Financial Recruiting

As of now only financial professionals and firms who are registered as investment advisors are required to follow the fiduciary standard. This standard requires that these financial advisors put their clients’ best interests ahead of their own profits. However, beginning next April with this new rule fiduciary rule all financial ...

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Why a Hiring Firm is Essential

At TERRANA GROUP, our focus is on providing your financial services firm with like-minded financial professionals who share your same business philosophy. With your main interest in mind, we take the time to thoroughly vet potential candidates who are the best possible matches. We have access to the largest pool ...

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Check out our new mobile friendly site!

Exciting updates are happening at Terrana Group, we are proud to announce the launch of our mobile site. As the number of Smartphone users continue to increase rapidly with no signs of slowing down, we strive to ensure that mobile users are served content formatted for mobile devices providing them ...

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