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Why should I use TERRANA GROUP or any recruiting service?

TERRANA GROUP is a 25 plus year old proven recruiting partner with Wall Street brokerages as well as most Regionals, Boutiques, Banks, Independent Broker Dealers, and RIAs. Our extensive experience allows you to discreetly and completely explore all of your options. More importantly, we will provide you with more complete access to quality firms and also several opportunities of which you may not be aware. Our expertise simplifies your job search, maximizes your negotiated compensation and smooths your transition which allows you to focus on your clients instead of making your job search another full-time job.


Why shouldn’t I call managers myself?

Our business is centered on you and your needs. Also, with more than twenty years of experience, we offer our depth of relationships with many firms. Equally important, we have a broad knowledge of the deals that are currently being offered and will ensure that you are being presented with the offer which will be a best for you. You get our expertise at no cost to you because the firms pay for our strategic relationship. Give yourself a recruiting advantage and let us do the “due diligence for you.”


What do the deals look like out there for me?

Transition compensation is created on an individual basis to fulfill the short and long term needs and expectations of you the Advisor as well as the firm. It is dynamic and depends on timing and perceived value; therefore each proposed package will vary given your needs and your perceived value to the hiring firm at a particular time period. A customized deal offers a mutual benefit (win-win) for both you and your prospective firm to ensure the best fit. We would be happy to discuss negotiated compensation packages given your particular situation.


Will your services affect my compensation?

No. Our services are completely free to you. The fees associated with our service, whether on retainer or contingency, are always separate from your compensation structure and paid by the hiring company.


I have concerns about my compliance record. Can you help?

Compliance concerns are best handled by an attorney or a securities regulatory professional. We can refer you to an attorney who specializes in broker compliance and employment issues. However, if you have general questions about your U4 and its impact on your ability to change firms, please call the TERRANA GROUP directly and we will be happy to speak with you in the strictest confidence.

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