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Keys to Finding the Right Investment Firm

Searching for the right investment firm, or an experienced recruiter to assist you with that challenge, can be time-consuming and exhausting work. No matter the circumstance; your search for a firm or a financial advisor recruiter, stock broker recruiter or wealth advisor recruiter, there are many firms to choose from and the choices can be overwhelming whether you are trying to find the right firm in Chicago or any other US city that matches your business needs. In fact, you may be working with a well-known or commonly used financial advisor investment firm in Chicago, but is it the truly the best fit for you? Here are some of the keys to finding the best investment and Financial Services Recruiting firms in Chicago or the nation, when searching for the right fit for you and your clients:

Key 1: Experience

What services does the firm excel in, and are they aligned with your needs? What types of clients do they serve, and does their service model meet the expectations of your clients? A good investment firm should have a history of experience, open architecture with a wide variety of products, sound investment advice, and a platform that matches your investment management and financial planning requirements.

Key 2: Results

What results has your potential investment firm achieved for their clients? Many financial recruiters may have experience within the financial services industry, but many have not produced the results that you require. More importantly, do they have the proven experience and results that are relevant to your specific needs?

Key 3: Qualifications, Credentials and References

Is your potential investment firm and recruiter able to provide you with a list of their qualifications, credentials and references? More importantly, do their credentials match your needs? You only want to work with the firm with the best qualifications, expertise and experience when it comes to choosing a financial recruiter or investment firm.

Key 4: Fees and Service Charges

The fees and service charges are some of the first things people consider when selecting a Chicago based financial adviser. Avoid firms who charge too much relative to what they deliver… some just look to take advantage of unknowing clients for their own bottom line. Additionally, be aware of firms who offer you lesser cost recruiting services. In many of those situations, they do not offer results driven high quality service.

Key 5: Client Experience

Do they keep in regular contact with their clients or do they only contact them occasionally? Do they have a history of past client satisfaction? Have many of their clients had negative experiences with the firm? Positive past experiences with clients is a telltale sign, and of utmost importance to successful financial advisers.

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TERRANA GROUP will serve as your financial headhunter in Chicago. We have 25 years of experience serving as a financial advisor and stocker broker headhunter. Most financial services headhunters do not have the record of success and the experience and connections that we have. Give us a call when you’re looking for a Financial Services expert to assist you with your next search. We have extensive experience recruiting financial advisors, and an impressive list of investment firm clients that we represent.

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