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TERRANA GROUP Celebrating 25 Years as a Premier Recruiting and Consulting Company!

We are thrilled to celebrate 25 years in the financial services recruiting and consulting industry! We have worked hard to get here, and we look forward to continuing our journey matching qualified candidates with wealth management firms. Our founder, Michael Terrana, began the Terrana Group in 1992, and since then we have enjoyed great success placing financial professionals in stock broker and financial adviser jobs in which they can thrive and excel. Whether you are looking for a financial adviser headhunter to find the ideal candidate for your company or you want to move to the next level in your career, you can count on our team to keep you informed and work with you toward your goals in a highly productive way.

Building Relationships

We know that when you engage a financial advisor recruiter, you expect him or her to possess positive, knowledgeable and lasting relationships with decision makers and firms. With focus and care, we take our job seriously and value your time operating as adviser and broker recruiters for over two and a half decades because our and your reputations matter. Our main goal as a financial recruiter and industry consultant is to continue adding value, making the most of our time together and consistently deliver win-win results that you both desire and deserve.

Excelling at Customer Service

Our services are designed to ensure that you receive thorough information to guide and assist you throughout the process of finding the right financial advisor job as well as filling positions successfully. When you call a stock broker headhunter, you expect this professional to enhance your career or business, and we continually deliver on that premise. We are attentive and insightful to your questions about industry moves and specific financial advisor jobs while we stay current at the forefront of the marketplace for firms hiring as well as candidates searching for their next right move.

Providing Solutions

When you meet with a financial adviser recruiter, we carefully complete a pre-screening profile report to ensure we are making calculated and strategic decisions toward your next step. The wealth adviser recruiter will pay acute attention to successes and distinctions highlighting the details assuring your introduction stands out among candidates searching for the similar position and thereby best present you as an ideal match for the hiring financial firm. Our extensive experience as wealth advisor recruiters reveal and guide you down the path to further your success.

Communicating Each Step of the Way

Call TERRANA GROUP your financial adviser and stock broker headhunter. Get the career results you have earned and the best recruiting solution for your company. You will have 25 years of recruiting success backing you up, and our expert headhunters are knowledgeable, great communicators, and highly skilled in negotiations. For many years to come, our team will be by your side. TERRANA GROUP Think smarter, act faster and be better.

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