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The TERRANA GROUP Outlook for Financial Advisor Movement in 2012

The TERRANA GROUP Outlook for Financial Advisor Movement in 2012

 So Punxatawny Phil tells us that Winter isn’t going anywhere…yet.

We disagree.

Now that we close out the first month of 2012 there are so many thoughts and ideas on the horizon.  We look back on the close of business and what 2011 meant for our lives, our careers, our society, economy and our hopes and plans for the year to come.

We personally saw 2011 close with an optimistic outlook and glimmers of hope for the rebirth and regrowth of our economy, along with a slow but steady reestablishment of faith in the financial industry.

So how do you reflect on the close of the year and the seasons to come in 2012?

As consultants to the financial industry, we heard from other firms that they saw the close of the year to be much more work for fewer immediate rewards.
Of course, at TERRANA GROUP, that was not the case and in fact, we broke all of the Holiday rules for placements.  We saw the biggest Q4 since 2008.  We managed to find all of those financial advisor professionals who had been reflecting on the close of the year and were ready to start 2012 fresh with a bold new future.

So now comes the Spring?

Despite what the groundhog says.  Spring is here.  We can see the changes in the industry already.  The excitement of new possibilities, the mindset of change and growth, and most importantly the openness to see what can be in store.   We have cruised through the winter on the road to success and are trailblazing on into the rest of 2012.

The Fed assures us that we are on a slow but steady road to financial recovery.  We have heard the buzz of more jobs for financial advisors and of the re-evaluation of the platforms in many of the long standing institutions. The mindset of the financial advisor professional seems to be open to opportunities and a willingness to grow and move to greener pastures.  And with the financial institutions so hungry for talent, we can already see that our biggest “challenge” this year will be to keep up with all of our success.  A challenge we find a pleasure to undertake.


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