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Why a Hiring Firm is Essential

At TERRANA GROUP, our focus is on providing your financial services firm with like-minded
financial professionals who share your same business philosophy. With your main interest in
mind, we take the time to thoroughly vet potential candidates who are the best possible
matches. We have access to the largest pool of financial professionals who are looking to work
with a firm like yours.

Our team offers access to the most impressive Stock Brokers, Financial Advisors, Investment
Advisors, and Wealth Advisors in the industry. Additionally, we ensure that all the financial
professionals that we work with are certified with the appropriate certification, whether it’s a
CFP, CIMA, CLU, ChFC, CPA or JD designation. In addition, we track all our candidates’
records and make sure that they have never been disciplined for any unlawful or unethical
actions by checking FINRA, the SEC, the CFP Board, and others.

As nationally recognized financial advisor recruiters, we represent only the best Chicago
Financial Advisors and the best other major city Financial Advisors in the United States. It is our
goal to make sure that every Financial Advisor that we select for your financial services firm
chooses quality stocks, bonds, fee based products and other investments for their clients and
your firm. We have a strenuous list of requirements that our Financial Advisor headhunters look
for while filtering through all of our financial professional candidates.

Here at TERRANA GROUP, we specialize in Broker recruiting; we provide only the best of the
best Brokers to staff your firm. We are passionate about finding Stock Brokers who have the
skills necessary to identify your client’s needs to buy or sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and to
have a financial plan.

Our pre-screened universe of registered Investment Advisers will make the best possible
investment decisions for you and your clients. We have a wide selection of Investment Advisors
with various managed investment strategies and styles. Whether you are looking for Advisors
that focus on managed investments, individual stocks and bonds or have a mix of both; at TG,
we have the best contacts of Brokers and Investment Advisers to meet. We are passionate
about matching the right Broker and Investment Adviser with your firm.

Are you looking to staff Wealth Advisors? We look for only the most successful Personal Financial Advisors who have a proven history of completing financial plans and have a depth of
knowledge in tax laws, investment strategies, securities, insurance, pension plans, and the real estate market. It is our goal to find Wealth Advisors who are passionate about assessing their
client’s assets, liabilities, cash flow, insurance coverage, tax status, and financial objectives to
create the most comprehensive financial plan imaginable.

Take the guesswork out of hiring for your financial services firm and feel confident in knowing
that our team here at TERRANA GROUP specialize in Advisor recruiting and represent your
best interests. It is our goal to create the best possible match for both you and your new
employee or independent contractor. As the complete placement, we deliver quality results by
choosing only the candidates in the financial industry who share your firm’s same philosophy,
values, and goals.

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