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Our Approach

What We Do:

Our greatest strength is relationship building. We view Advisors as tremendous assets, and we match them with the most suitable firms and managers. In doing so we put the advisor in a position to exceed their own expectations, and thrive in an atmosphere that suits their individual needs and preferences. Our dedication is to create a win-win scenario. We consistently find the right fit, matching the Advisor with the best firm to form the complete placement.


How We Do It:

The process is simple, direct and effective. We listen to and understand the needs of both our candidate and client firm.

We listen and find out who the candidate is beyond their annual productivity; as a person, as well as what their professional experiences have been. We understand their desired career growth and their potential.

We listen to and work with our client companies in order to determine the needed skill-sets and personalities they need to fill their leadership positions.

The end result is that TERRANA GROUP effectively matches the individual and the organization, in which benefits result to both the candidate and the client.

Where We Do It:

TERRANA GROUP provides quality, independent recruiting service to Financial Services firms nationwide.

TERRANA GROUP has completed placements in most every major city and their neighbors, throughout the United States.


Why We Do It:

The emphasis is on quality matches that result in positive growth for the executive and hiring firm.

TERRANA GROUP makes a difference; we will get you there, because at TERRANA GROUP your success is our success.


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